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Bette Classic Bath



Comfortable bath in the classic parallel shape with a generous interior and the outlet at the end. The bath depth of 45cm guarantees a relaxing bath - and even facilitates full immersion.

Bette Form Bath



The fitted bath in the classic shape with the ergonomic sloping back is available in lots of dimensions, so even small bathrooms can have a comfortable bathtub.

Bette Select Bath



BetteSelect combines clear, elegant design with a high level of comfort, flexibility and abundant creative freedom. The elegant bath shape and comfortable back angle are typical characteristics. The central position of the outlet makes it comfortable for two, with a generous standing area for use as a shower. Available in various dimension options, it is also suitable for small bathrooms.

Bette Starlet Bath



The perfect symmetry of the oval bath radiates clarity and harmony. The central outlet is perfect for bathing à deux. The comfortable rectangular fitted bath is available in a wide range of dimensions and designs.